I have been graciously placed in a story that precedes me and will go on after me: the story of God, who created the world out of abundant love, renewed creation through sacrificial love, and will one day make everything whole by His faithful love. That larger story grounds my story.

“Our vocation is to glorify God by our contingency” Thomas Merton

  • A child beloved of God.
  • Belonging to the Church, people of God called to be the evidence of God’s beautiful love through its life of unity in diversity.
  • Husband of Suyun Son, a wonderful artist in all aspects of her life.
  • Father of Ian Son (2006), Elina Son (2007), and Dylan Son (2010), teaching me that blessings and burdens are the same.
  • A columnist of North State Journal, a newspaper dedicated to telling the whole story and to elevating the conversation.
  • A columnist for Presbyterian Outlook (Presbyterian Friendship, Gospel is End of Racism)
  • A conference speaker on issues of diversity, race, missional life and the gospel as the shalom of the person and the community.
  • Currently serving the Church as:
  • Co-pastor of New Life Triangle, a multi-ethnic community committed to diversity because the we are ambassadors of the gospel of reconciliation.
  • Serving in New Hope Presbytery, a gathering of churches of Reformed heritage and ready to do our part for the One Church.
  • Leader in a Micah Group, a movement gathering pastors from diverse traditions to deep relationships and grow as wise preachers of the whole counsel of God, the gospel of peace and justice.

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