Day 27 – Difference Between a Twig and a Tinder

Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a useless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned. – John 15:6

What is the difference between a twig and a piece of wood? One is snapped off. Materially they are the same, at least for the first few days. But one is alive, and the other is dead.

A twig, as fragile as it is, can shoot forth flowers and fruits. Nothing in its dull tan suggests the burst of colors and taste, but they they are, fiery petals, fleshy peaches, in due time, as long as the twig clinging onto the branch. Life is not in itself. It flows through it. It is not the beginning of life, nor its end.

Sure, the twig has its part to play in the whole ecosystem of life, transferring all that sun-energy from the leaves back to the root. Still, the tree does not need the twig to live on. On the other hand, a twig cannot survive without the tree. Once it is snapped, it is lifeless. No fruits and flowers.

It is not totally useless. But it is great for starting a campfire.

The people are like the dead branches of a tree,
broken off and used for kindling beneath the cooking pots.
Israel is a foolish and stupid nation,
for its people have turned away from God. – Isaiah 27:11