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    Death Silences All

    Poem written in memory of Mike Miller and Robina Winbush at the Service of Bereavement Death silences all.Even the most eloquent life falls at the end of a breath.Every sentence eventually arrives at a period. Stories have a deadline or run out of pages. The symphony plays its finale, the music can’t go on,and the vibration of the cello string fades.Death silences all.Death stuns us into silenceWhen a sentence midway in expression suddenly halts,When a line comes to an enjambmentWhen the light suddenly goes off And the musical  never gets to its denouement.These unsuspected stops stun us into silenceFor we come to realizeThat every life is a parenthesis.Death silences the…

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    When they got there, they found breakfast waiting for them—fish cooking over a charcoal fire, and some bread. – John 21:9 Peter dives into the icy morning waters of Galilee,his broad sunburned chest so full of regret,he could not get to the shore fast enough. The ashen sky giving way to blue,when he finally reaches the shore,the sea weighing on his shirt and beard. Peter wipes the salt off his eyes and walksto the small fire waiting for him and when he sits he cannot remember the words he rehearsed if given the chanceto set things right. But how does one beginmaking amends with a friend you denied? He hears…

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    I heard the human heart responds most to the mourns of the cello because it's range mirrors the limits of the human voice      85hz         to            255hz In the trembling of strings,   timbres of        memories           of longings even the silence quivers with the faintest echo of the desire that never fully came to rest Read the other poem published with this one at Cultural Weekly

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    Love is resistance. It’s inefficient; but effective. It’s effective only if you believe in it, whole-bodiedly. It requires total commitment for it to work. The landing appears after you jump. Love can look anemic, limp. What can it do against animals with claws and fangs? Can a rose on a gun barrel stop a bullet? Love can look like a cop out. “Come on, everyone’s family here.” But that’s not the voice of love but of apathy. Love as unconditional acceptance is not apathy. Though they may look like identical twins, they have wildly differing personalities. You  know that great love poem, invariably read at weddings, pulled out from 1st…