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    Singing “Everyone’s Lonely” with my Korean Immigrant Mother

    At this past Louisville Waterfront Wednesday concert (sponsored by WFPK, a Louisville Free Public Media radio station on 6/26/2019 ), I experienced several firsts. A first: My wife performed live with a Rock band! This happened, as these things go, because she happened upon the right group of people—joined Louisville Civic Orchestra as 2nd violinist a year ago—who happened to have the right connection: the conductor, Jason Hart Raff, who happened to meet the lead singer of Jukebox the Ghost, Ben Thornewill, at a children’s party where they shared their childhood dream of putting together an orchestra and a rock band. That serendipitous spark took two years of conversation and hard…

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    I heard the human heart responds most to the mourns of the cello because it's range mirrors the limits of the human voice      85hz         to            255hz In the trembling of strings,   timbres of        memories           of longings even the silence quivers with the faintest echo of the desire that never fully came to rest Read the other poem published with this one at Cultural Weekly

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    “How do you say delicious in Korean?” – Singing to God in many languages

    Dylan, my four year boy, clunks down his fork on the dinner table and demands, “How do you say delicious in Korean?!” This shocks me because I fought my father, tooth and nails, against Korean school — I had lumps till middle school to show for it. I hated going to Korean school. My stated reason: abusive teachers practicing the 70’s Korean discipline, that a good old knuckle sandwich can fix motivation. But there was a more insidious reason for hating Korean school. I ate up the prejudices served by the majority culture through media, teachers, and peer pressure. English was the only intelligent language. All other language were barbaric. I hated going to Macy with…