How Art Saved My Marriage

My wife, Suyun Son, picked up the painter’s brush again. The brush had been locked up in a storage box for ten years. Our third and final child was now in the hands of public school. Time, in large chunks, suddenly made itself available so my wife began to paint again.

One of her first paintings is “Genesis,” capturing the childlike exuberance God must’ve felt when She was creating the world. She stretches the canvas of sky and earth, then throws colors at it, blues and whites of clouds and sun, yellows and reds of trees and flowers. God as a painter and creation as Her masterpiece, and as such, Genesis is not just about God’s creativity but the artist’s creativity. It is art about art. This is my favorite piece and it was exhibited with six other pieces in a solo exhibit on May 12th. As happy as I am to see the start of her career — not to mention extra cash as a local art collector bought her piece titled “Door” for his wife on Mother’s Day — I am most glad for what art has done for our relationship.

She began painting and it saved our marriage.

For ten years we’ve only talked about parenting and kids. I’m sure…

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