Lent Day 1 – Ash Wednesday – Breathing Out

“He went back across the Jordan where John baptized, any many followed him” John 9: 41-42
I want God to fill all parts of my life. But filling only happens in lieu of emptying. Without emptying there is no space to be filled. The lung is filled only because it empties itself out first. To follow Christ is to leave things behind. I cannot follow Christ while dragging everything my heart longs for. To follow Christ to the Jordan, I must leave behind Jerusalem. To love Christ, I must stop loving many other things.
Lord, teach me to love less so I can love you alone.
Breath Out.
  Lord, I expel all the things of this world, even those things that are not sinful in themselves but still occupy my heart and preoccupy my mind. They are taking space which you can take up.
Breath In.
  Lord, I receive your kiss, your breath. Let its warmth and life saturate all the cells of my being.

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