Day 3 – Lent and Interior Design

From a Freshome Blog, of the 10 most common mistakes of interior design, number 3:

3. Don’t be a clutter-bug!
In terms of accessories less is more, as with furniture. A sense of order balance, calm, flow and movement are essential to any well decorated space. When there is too much clutter there is too much distraction and order becomes discord. Clutter can be easily remedied by removing a few things. Take a look at what you have and divide them into three categories:

  • The things that matter
  • The things that are important
  • Those things that you can do without.
  • Remove all that you can do without. If necessary repeat until you have removed enough items and order and balance has been restored.

This does not need a translation. The spiritual lessons are obvious. It reads like modern day Thomas Kempis, Imitation of Christ. Simple and moving call to spiritual discipline, it instructs and motivates, the practical point itself being the point.

Lent is a season of de-cluttering, ruthlessly getting rid of the things you can do without so the thing that is most important, Christ, can become the focal point.

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