Day 18 – Leaving The Table

What is most tragic is how greed blinded Judas to what he had. He desired Mary’s wealth when Mary would have given up her wealth to have Jesus say to her “follow me.” As much as Jesus loved Mary, Jesus did not choose her (or Lazarus) as one of his twelve.

Judas was one of the twelve, the inner circle. He had a special and intimate relationship with Jesus. He had Jesus’ heart and ears. He sat with him at the last supper. But as soon as it was night, Judas abandons his special seat because he did not know how special it was.

Greed turns our eyes to all that we don’t have, so we don’t see what has been given to us, though what has been given to us incomparable. And this blinding affect of greed is so gradual, you hardly notice it until you find yourself in the dark, much the way the night sets in. You are aware the light is fading but you never know when sun has set. You are engaged in your activity and suddenly it is pitch black.

Judas stands up and there is no lingering sunlight, and now it is too late for him. He has left the table for good, although Jesus offered him bread.

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